5 Productivity Tips to Make Things Less Rubbish Right Now

28th January, 2021

5 Productivity Tips to Make Things Less Rubbish Right Now

I’m often late to the party. How about you?


I embarrassed to admit I couldn’t ‘see the point’ of iPads when they first came out (‘A gadget, just for surfing the internet? Who would possibly need that?’)


I didn’t own a car until I was 30. (‘What’s wrong with the bus?’)


I only discovered the joy of exercise in my 30s. (Turns out endorphins are quite the thing. Go figure.)


But when it comes to working remotely? Well, I was ahead of the curve. Or at least not light years behind it.


Now I don’t know about you, but nearly a year on from the pandemic I didn’t think we’d still be stuck at home.


That I’d be scrolling through the sad handful of remaining UK summer holiday cottages, wondering if that damp patch in the kitchen is really a deal-breaker…


But here we are.


Remote working, in one form or another, is here to stay. So, isn’t it time we get good at it?


Here are 5 tips/quick guides to lift your spirits and get more done from home:


1. Learn how to look good on camera. It’s time. No more excuses. Frame your shot. Get flattering lighting (please, I beg you, don’t sit in front of a window). Esther Stanhope’s interview with BBC London is a great place to start. 10 mins of tips. Put them into action. You’ll look better and feel better.


2. Get really, really good at email. You’re writing enough of them, aren’t you? Stop wasting time on fruitless chasing and write emails people actually want to reply to. Order my book when it comes out in March (hint, hint) but in the meantime, check out my tips in these two must-have email guides:


3. Become the presenter everyone wants to tune in to on Zoom. Learn how to present over video without sending people to sleep. Your audience will thank you. My ultimate guide to delivering webinars is here (but many of the tips apply to meetings too.)


4. Invest in your home office set up. A huge second monitor was a game-changer for me – now I can compare documents more easily, I print far less. I can also view docs supersized to reduce eye strain. (And yes, my children call me ‘grandma’ for this.)


5. Start using your phone again (for actual calls). Don’t default to video calls or email every time – instead try a walking meeting with a phone call. Exercise plus social contact works wonders for me. It might for you, too.


As I’ve learnt, it’s never too late to join the party.

University of Cambridge