Hi – I’m Kim Arnold!

I’m an international marketing, branding and writing consultant.

I show businesses like yours how to stand out, get heard and connect with clients in our noisy world.

My clients call me a ‘rare find’ and a ‘talented strategist’ – words I pretend to be embarrassed by but secretly use to wallpaper my home office.

I’ve spent over two decades getting tech firms, legal providers, risk managers and other complex businesses to ditch dry corporate jargon and bland branding so they become irresistible to their clients.

There’s room for you too

I’m a firm believer there’s room for every individual and business to stand out, however crowded the market. You just need to know how.

I’ve done the hard yards in marketing, cutting my teeth with financial heavyweights, including Deutsche Bank and Thomson Reuters businesses, where I led large global teams across Europe, Asia and the Americas in 10 different countries. I’ve even worked alongside former US Vice-President, Al Gore.

Later, as a copywriter and ghostwriter for CEOs, my writing was featured in all the major business and national press including The Times, The FT, Financial News and The Huffington Post.

Brains and brawns strategies

Now, with my signature creative and strategic process, I help small and medium-sized businesses build imaginative brands that attract, inspire and seduce clients. My ‘brains and brawn’ marketing strategies whip the competition.

As a communication expert, I also show leading organisations – including Accenture, UBS Asset Management and Euromoney – how to talk and write in a way that inspires action in clients (instead of inducing a coma).

I speak regularly on marketing and communication and have been featured in a variety of media: Professional Marketing Magazine, HR Zone and Coaching Perspectives.

I’m a Panel Tutor at The University of Cambridge Institute Of Continuing Education, where I teach branding. And, as a Prince’s Trust Mentor, I help young entrepreneurs in the UK bring their business ideas to life.

Anyone for boiled udder?

I speak reasonable German, rusty Russian and a few obscene phrases in Latin. At one point, I was going to live in Russia permanently but decided I missed good food and mild winters too much (boiled udder, anyone?).

I live with my giant husband and children in North London where I feel very short, despite being 5’ 5 1/2”. Just don’t forget the half.