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Stand out and get your message heard 
in a world of too much

It’s not easy to be seen and get your message heard these days.

Even harder to see other people get the glory. The promotions. The clients. The money (while you shrink behind your laptop).

Yes, it’s not easy! We worry what people think of us. We don’t want to show off like those humble braggers on LinkedIn: ‘I’m so blessed…’ Ugh.

And we’re newbies at hybrid communication and making an impact from afar. But deep down you know being more visible and communicating with more impact are key to your success in our remote world.

You can own the (virtual or IRL) room! You too can stand out, be heard and get in front of those who matter most. You can win more business. Win people over with your words. Get promoted. Be yourself and get paid for it!

Our founder, Kim Arnold, can show you how. Just choose from our three 1:1 programmes below.



‘I actually understand my own branding now and I can communicate that to my clients! The biggest change has been raising my rates with existing clients, but importantly they are happy to pay more and it’s made our relationship better.’




Being a canny communicator is a secret weapon in our hyper-busy hybrid world. Learn how to be the best.

Kim shows you how to transform from a snoresome to an awesome communicator. How to win over stakeholders, inspire those around you and open hearts, minds (and wallets).

With Kim’s bespoke help, you learn:

  • the super-fast secrets to short, snappy writing
  • practical exercises to shape up your writing in minutes
  • the art of the ‘ask’ – how to be clear on what happens next
  • how to engage your readers with warmth and charm
  • how to choose your medium (when’s email NOT the answer?)

And much, much more!


If you rely on email for the majority of your communication, this programme is for you. Become The Big Email Enchilada and get what you want every time you hit send.

You learn how to:

  • get your message heard in a world of digital overwhelm
  • use email to build your profile and/or win more business
  • influence clients, colleagues and stakeholders from afar
  • get people to do what you want
  • exploit the science behind persuasion, influence and attention


Boost your personal brand, without feeling cheesy or wanting to hide under your duvet.

With Kim’s 1:1 help, you’ll learn:

  • how to be more successful by being yourself
  • key messages: be clear on what you want to be known for
  • self-promotion without feeling like a show off
  • easier internal and external networking (no more ick factor)
  • social media that sells
  • how to be more visible from the comfort of your desk

It’s time to step into the spotlight and be seen. Become a high-performer in our hybrid world. Our 1:1 programmes help you:

  • communicate with impact
  • win friends and email people
  • talk about yourself to clients and colleagues without the cringe factor
  • put everyone around you at ease
  • sell without selling your soul
  • write a killer LinkedIn profile and biography
  • be successful on social media without draining all your time
  • produce content that gets you noticed
  • build an internal network to give you a leg up
  • make the most of your network (without the fear factor)
  • nail the speaking circuit
  • bring in more business


Don’t waste another day seething about other people’s success.  You’ve got this.

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- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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