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Tiny tweaks, big difference in your comms

4th January, 2024

Tiny tweaks, big difference in your comms

Are your feeds flooded with ‘New Year, New You’ advice like mine? ????


With just a simple few steps, we’ll supposedly be able to achieve the Zen calm of Buddhist monks, the riches of Elon Musk and the bodies of Hollywood A-listers.


(My celebrity body is Danny DeVito right now after all those mince pies…)


But I did love this Guardian article about the 100 tiny changes to transform your life.  I’ll be trying pyjama yoga and brushing my teeth on one foot (don’t laugh).


And it got me thinking – which tiny changes can transform our communication the most? 


Here are some of the smallest changes our clients have made that have delivered the most bang for their buck – enjoy!  


  1. “I now use the ‘read-aloud’ function to hear my emails before I send them.  It’s really made me think about how my writing comes across to clients.” Claire, lawyer
  2. “I now ask for advice instead of feedback – it’s amazing how much faster people respond.” Dominic, marketing director
  3. “I stopped using ‘I hope you’re well’ in emails and now use something more personal, asking about people’s weekends and sharing a bit of information about me.  It’s started some great conversations!” Sarah, executive assistant
  4. “If I want to book a meeting with clients or prospects, I offer up times and dates instead of asking them when they’re free.  I’ve booked 10 meetings this week alone – double my usual quota.” Ciaran, business development executive
  5. “I challenge myself to call a colleague once a day instead of emailing them.  It’s helped me get to know people in my organisation so much better as we all work remotely.” Anoushka, HR Manager


Could any of these help you too?  And what tiny tweaks do you use already – I’d love to know!  

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- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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