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5 book gift ideas for word nerds

1st December, 2023

5 book gift ideas for word nerds

Most holiday gift guides make me roll my eyes.


Because I can’t imagine anyone I know being thrilled to open a £34 Canvas Foraging Bag, a £110 Scallop Platter or some $500 ceramic baking tins.  Can you?


I do, however, know an awful lot of people who love books.  I’m sure you do too. 


I come from a big family of linguists who love to geek out on language, so books about words are a usually safe bet.


So here few I’ve read recently and some I might buy as gifts this year.


And I thought you, or someone you know, might like them too.


They’ve gotta be better than that scallop platter, right?

Interesting Stories About Curious Words by Susie Dent

Lexicographer Dent shares the dramatic true story behind STEALING THUNDER, explains why CIRCLES are VICIOUS and what bears have to do with LICKING INTO SHAPE. The perfect stocking filler.



Magic Words – What to Say to Get Your Way by Jonah Berger

I geeked out on this Wharton Professor’s analysis of the most persuasive words to use in certain situations. ‘Should’ vs. ‘must’; ‘could’ vs. ‘should’ – these tiny tweaks can have a huge impact on our reader and our results.



Murdle – Solve 100 Devilishly Devious Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles by GT Karber

Ok, so I chose this for the title alone. But this Sunday Times best seller for armchair detectives has rave reviews.




Do Interesting – Notice. Collect. Share by Russell Davies

Ever wanted to be ‘more creative’? But not really known where to start? This little book in the Do Series has a series of prompts about how uncover the interesting things in life.



Email Attraction – Get What You Want Every Time You Hit Send by Kim Arnold

Forgive me the plug, but it’s the season of goodwill and all that. Packed full of ‘before and after’ examples, easy-to-use tips and with a light dusting of jokes, it’s everything you need to write more effective and engaging emails.




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