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How to get people in the mood…

14th June, 2023

How to get people in the mood…

How do you create the right mood?


Soft lighting?


Scented candles?


Some smooooooth music?


Ok, I’ll stop there.


But mood setting is important in business too.


Author Robert Cialdini and god of all things influence, explains all in his book Pre-Suasion.


He says we have to get people in the right frame of mind to receive our message, before we deliver it.


If per-suasion is about addressing people’s motivation, then pre-suasion is about getting their attention.


He shares a wine seller’s experiment where, when they played French music, people bought more French wine.


But when they played German music, they bought more German wine.


Similarly, when an online furniture retailer put a background of fluffy clouds on their landing page, customers bought sofas that were designed more for comfort.


And when they used a background of pennies, customers sought out sofas that were best value for money.


Studies also show that creative ideas meetings are more successful in rooms with higher ceilings and bigger windows.


Obvious isn’t it, when you know?  


So, what could YOU do to get your audience in the mood to receive your message?


  • Leave a voicemail giving context for an important incoming email?
  • Play energising music at the beginning of a workshop?
  • Put a subliminal image in your Zoom holding slide?


I’d love to hear your ideas!

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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