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9 weird and wordy gift ideas

9th December, 2022

9 weird and wordy gift ideas

It’s that time of year when I get emails from my children’s schools like this:



Ah, yes, it’s the season of goodwill!


And if you’re like me, the thought of buying presents on top of everything else is, well, a bit much.


So here are 9 weird and wordy gift ideas to take some of the pain out of shopping.


(Or treat yourself like I have.  Charity begins at home, right?)


1. For the passive aggressive ?

The ‘I can’t be responsible for what my face does when you talk’ mug.  

Use with caution.


2. For the word nerds ?

Are you blutterbunged (utterly confounded or shocked) or groaking (longing for the food someone else is eating)?  Susie Dent’s brilliant book An Emotional Dictionary: Real Words for How you Feel from Angst to Zwodder uncovers some of the most descriptive words we didn’t know we needed.


3. For the eternal emailer ?

My book Email Attraction – Get What You Want Every Time You Hit Send is packed full of email tips and makes the perfect stocking filler.  As the Financial Times said of it: ‘Completely rethink how you send out emails.’


4. For the energy savers ?

Since my genius client recommended an electric blanket over the knees to keep warm while working at home, I haven’t looked back.  No need for central heating and costs pennies to run.


5. For the not-so-green-fingered ☠️

Know a plant murderer like me?. Patch has a section on their website for ‘Almost un-killable’ plants – genius and perfect for brightening up desks everywhere.


6. For the overwhelmed entrepreneur ?

Running your own business can be hard, damn hard. Help the coach, entrepreneur or consultant in your life work with me 1:1 to boost their brand and win more business.  Or treat yourself to one of my packages to make 2023 your best year yet. 


7. For the wine (and word) connoisseurs ?

Give them a subscription to Words With Wine, who’ll send them a bottle of wine, tasting notes and a book each month or quarter.  Sounds like my perfect night in…


8. For the dirty (no, not like that ?)

Is your keyboard as shamefully filthy as mine?  This weird dust cleaning gel gets the grime out of everything from your phone to your car vents.


9. For the dad jokers ?

I’m partial to a good (or even bad pun).  My favourite: ‘You should wear glasses while doing maths.  It improves division.’ Live your best dad joke life with the wonderfully named game Punderdrome.

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- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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