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8 more unusual presents for word nerds

9th December, 2022

8 more unusual presents for word nerds

You loved my weird and wordy gift ideas last week, so I wanted to share 8 more.


And yes, I will be forwarding them to my husband.  (Apparently, subtlety has never been my strong suit.)


Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your ideas too.


1. For the reader ?

Forget books as soon as you’ve read them?  Or even (like me) find yourself buying the same book twice by accident ?? The Moleskine book journal allows you to beautifully document all the books you read for longer-lasting memories. 


2. For the erudite ?

The School of Life’s Book of Bookmarks has twenty bookmarks assembled in a book that itself forms an essay on the business of reading.  Smart stuff.


3. For your superstar team ?

They’ll likely spend 1/3 of their working week (around 6 YEARS of their life) on email.  Take the pain out of their inbox and show them how to write emails that engage, inspire and get results.  Hit reply to book an Email Engagement taster session.


4. For the Scrooges ?

This Moan and Move On notepad helps us all get things off our chest and into the holiday spirit.


5. For the special person ❤️

Yes, it’s a lot to pay for a teeny tiny notebook.  But Smythson’s leatherbound Little Book of Brilliance is something to treasure.  


6. For the stationary lover ?

Pens you can erase still feel like magic to me (I know, I’m easily impressed). And when I found they came in a whole range of colours – well, mind-officially blown.


7.  For the plain talker (and writer) ✍️

The Economist Style Guide remains one of the best references for clear writing.  Communicate with the clarity, style and precision that The Economist is famous for.


8. For ‘smart people to avoid stupid mistakes’ ?

If you ever mix up your ‘complement’ and ‘compliment’, or your ‘precedents’ and ‘precedence’ then this pocket rocket of a book is for you: The Little Book of Confusables.

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- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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