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10 unconventional gift ideas

1st December, 2021

10 unconventional gift ideas

Me, early December: Yikes! Haven’t bought any Christmas presents. <Cue small flurry of gift buying. Feel relaxed and smug>


Me, December 23rd 3am: ARGGGH! <wake in cold sweat remembering the 48 other people I still need to buy for. Buy everything on Amazon. Guilt overload for lining Bezos’ pockets. Vow to do better next year>


Present buying (or ‘gifting’ as it’s now known – bleurgh) is a minefield. But I’ve had fun putting together a random list of things that you, or someone in your life, might like. Some ‘giftable’ (double bleurgh), some just because. Enjoy!


For the word nerd ?: Susie Dent’s Word Perfect: Etymological Entertainment Every Day. Funny and insightful, find out the origins of words like ‘gigglemuff’, ‘toff’ and ‘ugsome.’


For the couch- home-worker ?: a lapdesk for more laid back working. Takes the edge off Fridays, I find.


For the busy person ?: Give the gift of time. Finish your meeting or presentation 5 minutes early.


For the influencer ?: No, I don’t mean the Instagram influencer, peddling diet pills and desolation. This book is for people who really need to persuade and influence, updated this year: Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.


For the eternal emailer ?: My book Email Attraction – Get What You Want Every Time You Hit Send is packed full of email tips and makes the perfect stocking filler.


For the networker ?: Talk about your business or job without boring the pants off people. Join my free 30 min session ‘Beyond The Elevator Pitch’ with Quickbooks on Thursday 9th at 8.30am. Just follow one of these live links:


For the persuader ?: Messengers – Who We Listen To, Who We Don’t And Why is a fascinating read. Written pre-COVID but even more relevant now.


For the techie ?: multi-USB port adapter for when you’re trying to juggle multiple screens, microphones, ringlights or chargers. I’m not giving up my ringlight for anyone…


For the ‘must-read-mores’ ?: On Reading by Nick Parker. Short, wise and funny, it’ll help you ditch the guilt and read more.


For the laughs ?: Lickie Stickie. Screamy Dreamy. Floatie Bloatie. A tweet about What if the person who named Walkie Talkies named everything? (Thanks to Nick Parker for sharing in his excellent newsletter)

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- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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