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3 Recommendations to be More Persuasive

26th May, 2021

3 Recommendations to be More Persuasive

As I write, a hailstorm assaults my windows. In May.


The heating’s on full blast and I’ve got a granny blanket over my knees.


I’m so over this UK ‘spring’.


There’s a longing so deep in my heart for a sunshine holiday it actually hurts to think about it.


It’s that hot blast of heat as you step off the plane that tells you your holiday’s started, right here, right now.


The welcome glass of champagne at the hotel at 10am when you’ve already been up for 8 hours but, what the hell, you’re on holiday.


And for my kids, it’s all about the buffet breakfast. The pancake machine next to the bucket of Nutella (served with a ladle). The sugar-crusted chocolate bomb cereals. The bacon so crisp you can snap it.


So, in the holiday spirit, I wanted to give you a buffet of choice in this email. Because sometimes in life we want the smorgasbord, not the set menu. A little bit of everything to take our fancy*.


Here’s a selection of delights for your delectation – nibble on what piques your interest or gorge on the whole lot:


READ: 3 mistakes that make your email bomb – It’s a short, snappy article I wrote for personal brand guru, Jennifer Holloway’s, blog. Find out if you’re Jenny/Jeremy Generic, if you’re too darn British (whatever nationality you are) and whether you need to stop writing like you’re on Downton.


LISTEN TO: The Association for Coaching Podcast – where I talk about how I started my business, the hell of shopping for jeans (and what it’s got to do with great selling), how to be yourself in business and much more. Not just for coaches.


BUY: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini. This is my communication and marketing bible. It’s just been updated with new content to help you understand how people tick. Indispensable for anyone who needs to persuade and influence (that’s you, right?)


Bon appetit!

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 23rd - 27th September 2024

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