How To Be A Voice of Calm For Clients Right Now

23rd September, 2020

How To Be A Voice of Calm For Clients Right Now

It’s kind of weird out there right now, isn’t it?


Everyone I speak to is feeling….unsettled. A bit on edge.


It’s like the whole world is holding its breath.


Do you feel it too?


I mean we can go out, but it’s not as fun (I went to a distanced comedy night a few weeks ago that had all the atmosphere of a morgue.


We can get our hands on flour and rice without any trouble, but the thought of cooking another damn meal is just too much.


It feels a bit more normal than April, but way less normal than January.


It’s only September but everyone’s tired and overwhelmed.


‘Low grade anxiety’, one of my friends called it.


And we can’t plan more than a few steps ahead.


My son’s teachers totally get this. So they’re starting the school year gently, going back over work from the previous year. Refreshing the basics. Taking it slow. Reducing the overwhelm.


And you can do this too.


Now’s not the time to present 30 slides decks with hundreds of ideas and options.


Now’s not the time for unicorns and fireworks.


Now is the time, however, to soothe and support. To be a voice of calm reassurance to clients and colleagues. To focus on the familiar.


Give solid, simple advice. Offer wise counsel and calm pragmatism. Ask helpful questions. Concentrate on the here and now. And listen. Hard.


Even if you’re thinking 25 steps ahead, other people don’t need to see all those steps, all at once. A lovely client of mine gently reminded me of this the other day as I was outlining my big plan for their business.


More ideas don’t necessarily translate into more value right now.


So breathe. Do less. Listen more.


That might just be the best news you’ve had all week.

University of Cambridge