How To Start Emails Better Than ‘I Hope You’re Well’

15th July, 2020

How To Start Emails Better Than ‘I Hope You’re Well’

3….2….1…..bye bye!


Research shows I have just 3 seconds to get your attention in a marketing email.


And not much longer for an everyday business email.


And yet…what do we start our emails with?


‘I hope you’re well.’


What a terrible, terrible waste of valuable real estate.


Or, even worse, we begin with the weirdly formal ‘I hope this email finds you well’ (what else can your email do, tap dance?!)


If you use one of these boring openers, you won’t pass the 3 second test. No-one’s going to want to read any further.


Your email will get closed down faster than a party during lockdown.


So watch my 1-minute video for 2 better email openers to hook your readers by the eyeballs in the first 3 seconds.

University of Cambridge


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