Marketing To Keep You Front Of Mind In A COVID-19 World

18th May, 2020

Marketing To Keep You Front Of Mind In A COVID-19 World

Week whatever of lockdown: my children are openly sniggering at my hair.


No-one’s eaten a vegetable in days and there are balls of dust scurrying like tumbleweed across our kitchen floor.


Much has fallen by the wayside in the name of getting by, but I’m pretty pleased with myself for doing this one big thing.


Online legal platform and SME champion Farillio interviewed me recently all about marketing in a COVID-19 world.


I distilled all my marketing stories, ideas, ruminations and observations since March into these video chats with their brilliant founder, Merlie Calvert.



We talked about overcoming fear of selling in a crisis, why you can have way more fun right now with marketing, how to dig up golden opportunities, why potties and puppies are brilliant for business, and how to not give up.


Merlie describes it as: ‘So much value, wisdom and humour crammed into this video interview’


My husband says: ‘Thank god – now you won’t have to talk to me about this stuff anymore.’


So, grab a cuppa and take a look. Just please no sniggering at my roots.

University of Cambridge