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Unprecedented, Uncertain, Tough Times – Argh!

29th April, 2020

Unprecedented, Uncertain, Tough Times – Argh!

Must. Not. Say. The. Words.


Argh – it’s going to be hard.


These next few weeks I’m all over the inter web talking all about how to market and communicate in our weird old virtual world.


And in my various talks I’m desperately trying to avoid all the terrible clichés bandying about right now:


  • Now, more than ever…


  • In these unprecedented/uncertain/tough times…


  • More than ever before…


  • Navigating the new normal…


  • In the current climate…


Ugh. But it’s hard, I tell you. And I’m not alone in finding it difficult. (A clever spark put together this hilarious video of how all the COVID-19 adverts sound exactly the same.)


Because everything is new. And different. And not in a good way – well, apart from my kids finally learning where the hoover lives.


But we’ve got to find better words that feel less forced and more genuine if we want to have better conversations with our audience.


We need our words to connect, not impress.


So I’m going with ‘right now’, which feels more like what I’d say to a friend. Less grandiose, far more genuine.


And, as I always tell you, conversational is the new professional when it comes to writing and speaking.


In fact, you could say that informal is the ‘new normal’. Gah! There I go again!

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 23rd - 27th September 2024

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