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It’s Time For R-Rated Marketing

23rd April, 2020

It’s Time For R-Rated Marketing

I’m getting a little fed up with this PG-13 version of my life.


Are you too?


Healthy home-cooked meals.


Nights in.


Daily walks in the fresh air.


Jeez, I’m even playing board games and eating my five-a-day.


I don’t know myself.


By the time this is all over I’ll feel the urge to take up basejumping, amphetamines and a lover half my age.


But the one area I can get a few kicks right now is with my work.


Why now?


Well, everything has suddenly relaxed in the buttoned-up business world. All the stiff formality we used to associate with being professional – suits, offices, meetings – have been stripped away.


We’re now getting to see beards, bed-heads and bedrooms on Zoom.


We’re peering into the lives of our colleagues and clients like some voyeuristic Channel 5 reality TV show:


‘TONIGHT: Your clients and colleagues uncovered!’


(I’d so watch that. Maybe from behind a pillow.)


We’re all exposed and vulnerable, sometimes literally, like this poor woman who left her webcam on when she went to the loo.


So how can this be a positive?


Well, in a more informal business environment you can have a whole lot more fun.


You can take more risks.


Anything goes right now as long as you’re wearing pants.


You can get a bit more:


  • Personal – people are (generally) being more open about their personal and business lives right now. Use this time to get to know your clients and colleagues better – are there new/different/better way you can help them or work with them? I’ve talked with clients about parenting fails, loo roll and caring for elderly relatives recently. I’ve shared (and received) recommendations for recipes, games and TV shows. It’s strengthened relationships and led to some unexpected new ideas.
  • Weird – when I recommended a mail order bacon supplier on LinkedIn (a ‘business’ platform) my post got thousands of views and multiple connection requests from potential clients. Don’t be afraid to go a bit leftfield.
  • Chatty – writing in a more conversational way connects better with your audience, and we’re all craving connection at the moment. So make your emails less ‘I hope this email finds you well’ and more ‘Did your daughter get over her tantrum after our last call?!’ You’ll get a much better response.


So whilst our personal lives might have to pass the censors with stay-at-home wholegrain goodness, we can let rip a little in our business lives.


And boy does that feel good right now.


Right, I’m off for some Jenga and a glass of carrot juice. Sigh.

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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