How to Be a Ray of Sunshine For your Clients And Colleagues

23rd March, 2020

How to Be a Ray of Sunshine For your Clients And Colleagues

How are you? No, really?


We’re trying to find a new rhythm in the Arnold household that avoids the children going feral and everyone surviving solely on Cheerios and cheesy Wotsits: #goals.


So last week, I told you to keep on talking to your colleagues, clients and stakeholders.


And to keep on marketing and selling.


But remember, it doesn’t always have to be (and definitely shouldn’t always be) transactional.


You don’t have to be promoting something to get in touch. You don’t have to be asking for something to email.


In fact, you really shouldn’t ever only get in touch when you want something – I once had a call from a mum friend who asked me to drive across London to pick up her daughter.


Why? Her nails were wet from a manicure and she didn’t want to smudge them. (And no, I didn’t oblige.)


Just think of your words as a replacement for being there in person. You can simply:


  • Show you care – sometimes it doesn’t have to be more than ‘Hi, how are you managing today?’ to make a difference.


  • Be a ray of sunshine – spread some good news or make them smile. Value doesn’t always have to come in the form of lists of tips like ‘7 Ways to Style Your Mask This Season’ or ‘8 Ways To Home School Without Slowly Going Insane’ (although the latter might be helpful). Value is also brightening someone’s day.


  • Demonstrate empathy – share your experiences of this crazy time and ask them how they are (and really listen to the answer).


  • Be helpful – if you have a product or service you think can help someone, then, by all means, mention it. But it also might be an app, an introduction, an idea or a link that’s unrelated to your business but shows someone you’re thinking of them.


Decide how you want to be remembered during this time and be that person.

University of Cambridge