How Much Is Too Much In Email Marketing?

18th February, 2020

How Much Is Too Much In Email Marketing?

Clients often ask me:


‘How often should I email my list?  I’m worried that if I do it too often I’ll annoy people.’


Well, I always quote the legendary copywriter Drayton Bird who says:


‘Email whenever you have something interesting to say.’


And this applies to social media too.


On the whole, frequency is a good thing (after all, not everyone will read every single thing we put out there – if only!), but if you’re scrabbling around for content and struggling to fill column inches, believe me it will show in your lifeless content.


And if it’s boring to write, it’s generally boring to read.


However, if you’ve got something interesting to say, by all means get that creative content out there as often as you can!  Be prolific!  Knock yourself out!


But note the word ‘interesting’.


Be careful that you don’t get too obsessed with teaching all the time – it’s not the only way to connect with your audience.  


As another brilliant copywriter, Laura Belgray, likes to remind people, value and interest can be delivered in loads of different ways.  It doesn’t always have to be a teachable (sometimes we’ve just had our fill of posts like ‘5 Tried-And-Tested TED Talks To Make You Sound Clever At Dinner Parties’).


Belgray says you can deliver value when you make someone laugh.  When you make them stop and think.  And especially when you make feel something.  


So, I hope you see, the question isn’t really about frequency after all.


It’s more about what you have to share with your audience that will leave them wanting more.


Have I?

University of Cambridge