Ditch These Redundant Words To Sharpen Up Your Writing

Some Amazon reviews are comedy gold.


You know those reviews, that say things like:


  • ‘Bought this as gift for grandson for his birthday next month so don’t know if it’s any good yet’


  • ‘Interesting cover. I look forward to reading this book soon’


  • ‘Came in large box. Not opened yet’


Completely redundant. But very funny.


Not so funny are redundant words in your writing. 


Words like…

  • really
  • very
  • basically
  • actually
  • definitely
  • just

They make your writing sound like you’re a character from nineties classic teen movie Clueless (‘Oh my God!  I’m totally buggin’!).


These filler words do your writing no favours.




‘It’s actually a really big problem that just can’t be ignored.’




‘It’s a big problem that can’t be ignored.’


More powerful and assertive, right?




‘I definitely think that the issue is basically about lack of resource.’


Is much better as:


‘I think that the issue is about lack of resource.’


Or even better:


‘Lack of resource is the issue.’


Now it’s over to you.


Just see how getting rid of these really redundant words basically transforms your actual writing! Like totally!