Ditch These Redundant Words To Sharpen Up Your Writing

22nd January, 2020

Ditch These Redundant Words To Sharpen Up Your Writing

Some Amazon reviews are comedy gold.


You know those reviews, that say things like:


  • ‘Bought this as gift for grandson for his birthday next month so don’t know if it’s any good yet’


  • ‘Interesting cover. I look forward to reading this book soon’


  • ‘Came in large box. Not opened yet’


Completely redundant. But very funny.


Not so funny are redundant words in your writing. 


Words like…

  • really
  • very
  • basically
  • actually
  • definitely
  • just

They make your writing sound like you’re a character from nineties classic teen movie Clueless (‘Oh my God!  I’m totally buggin’!).


These filler words do your writing no favours.




‘It’s actually a really big problem that just can’t be ignored.’




‘It’s a big problem that can’t be ignored.’


More powerful and assertive, right?




‘I definitely think that the issue is basically about lack of resource.’


Is much better as:


‘I think that the issue is about lack of resource.’


Or even better:


‘Lack of resource is the issue.’


Now it’s over to you.


Just see how getting rid of these really redundant words basically transforms your actual writing! Like totally!

University of Cambridge