A Quick Marketing Hack To Make Your Life Easier This Festive Season

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a to-do list that’s longer than the Game of Thrones opening credits.


Secret Santas to buy for. Projects to finish. Turkeys to order. Relatives to avoid.


It’s endless.


So I’m all about making it EASY during the festive season.


This time of year is the perfect time to recycle your content.


Yes, you’re allowed.


That blog you wrote last year?


Crack it out again.


Give it a fresh intro and title and you’re all set.

Or chop it up into some social media posts.

Or tell it as a story on video.

Or just leave it as is.




  • not everyone will read everything you put out, every time (if only) – so don’t worry about repeating yourself

  • even if they have read it before, they may not remember it

  • if they do remember it, they’ll be grateful for the refresher (because it clearly struck a chord last time around)


And you can use all your new spare time to buy me a thoughtful gift as a thank you. I also accept cash or cheques.