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Psst! Here’s Why You Don’t Need To Be On Twitter…

9th September, 2019

Psst! Here’s Why You Don’t Need To Be On Twitter…

We start September with so many great intentions, don’t we?


But often the overwhelm can set in before we’ve even hit the second week. Our to-do lists spiral out of control again. Emails flood our inbox. It’s all too much.


And nowhere more so than with social media.


Whether you’re employed or a business owner, you’ve probably been told that you ‘have’ to be on Twitter, on

LinkedIn, on Facebook and YouTube.


That you ‘have to’ feature regularly on these channels if you want to raise your profile or promote your business.


And, worse, if you don’t, by Christmas no-one will remember your name and you’ll be drinking from a paper bag under a railway bridge.


Of course, you don’t want that, do you? No-one wants to be invisible.


So you try and do it all. You try and be on Every. Single. Platform.


And you start off strong, dropping a couple of Tweets before breakfast, congratulating Tom on his birthday on LinkedIn on your commute and then posting a picture of your Vente Frappuccino on Instagram as you get to your desk.




But it all soon unravels.


As your workdays hot up, you spend less and less time on social media.


Before you know it your social media ‘activity’ is just you watching videos of people you don’t like saying things you don’t agree with and now you’re feeling angry.




Ok – so here’s the truth about social media.


You don’t ‘have’ to be on Twitter.


Or Facebook. Or Instagram or any other platform for that matter.


Really. I give you permission! Because (permission to speak candidly) your unfed Twitter feed and neglected LinkedIn account aren’t really doing much for you anyway, are they?


It’s the equivalent of leaving your jacket on the back of your office chair after you’ve gone home so you can look permanently ‘present’.


You’re not fooling anyone.


You’re far better off concentrating on just one platform and giving it your all. If you really master it, then you can widen your reach.


My mantra for pretty much everything marketing-related is always: Do less, do it better.


And social media is no exception.


So how do you choose which platform to focus on? Well here are two ideas to start you off:


  1. Look at where your clients spend their time and what they do there – for example, they might use both Instagram and LinkedIn but only use Instagram for personal stuff and LinkedIn for business. This will help guide your decision.
  2. Think about where you like hanging out – if you love Twitter but hate LinkedIn, and your clients are on both then, yup, you’ve guessed it, go for Twitter. You’re far more likely to get engaged with a platform if you have fun on it.


So, quick, go and take a look at your social media before the September overwhelm hits. See if you can do less and do it better!

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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