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Why You Hate Doing Marketing

5th July, 2019

Why You Hate Doing Marketing

Glow sticks? Check.


Neon sweatband? Check.


Calvin Harris blaring? Oh yes.


It was my best Monday night in a long time.


Finally, I found my exercise groove with the terribly-named ‘Clubbercise’ – a mix of dance and aerobics that was seriously sweaty and so much fun.


I’d fallen out of love with running (kept getting injured) and spinning (too many 20-somethings with swishy hair and crop tops). I hadn’t exercised for ages and was getting itchy feet.


Clubbercise got me excited about moving again. It didn’t feel like hard work. In fact, it made me feel like my 20-year-old self again, minus the cheap cider and stone-washed jeans.


And I’m booked to go back next week.


Because if something is fun, we’re much more likely to do it, of course.


But for a lot of people, marketing their business or their personal brand isn’t fun. They dread it more than Christmas with the in-laws.


So how do we make marketing more enjoyable so we don’t neglect it? So we’re motivated to stick at it and be consistent (the key to effective marketing)?


I’ve got two pieces of advice for you:


  1. You probably don’t hate it all: Identify which specific bits of your marketing you don’t like and see if you can outsource them. So, if it’s a newsletter, is it the writing bit you hate or the logistics of the mailing that you run a mile from? A freelance writer could help with the former or a virtual assistant with the latter. Pick and choose what to keep and what to pass off.
  2. Life’s too short to do stuff you hate: Don’t flog a dead horse if you really hate something – you’re unlikely to stick at it long term. Try a different strategy instead that still connects with your target market but that taps in to your interests or strengths. So, for example, if you’re a people-person maybe networking, speaking and events should be your primary marketing strategies. Or, if you prefer sticking behind your desk, focus on blogging and newsletters instead.


Whatever you do, just remember to give it your full energy, focus and commitment (remember, stop/start marketing is almost as bad as no marketing at all…).


Doing nothing is not an option – without marketing your business will soon become as sluggish as I was when I wasn’t exercising.


Work up a sweat.


Keep at it.


And most of all, make it fun.


(Neon sweatband recommended).

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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