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The Big Clearout: Why Your Marketing Needs One Now!

4th January, 2018

The Big Clearout: Why Your Marketing Needs One Now!

‘She’s at it again.’


‘I know. We’d better start hiding our toys.’ My two children were plotting.


‘She’ll stuff us into one of those black sacks if we stand still for too long.’


They had seen that glint in my eye. The evil glint I always get at the beginning of the year. When it’s time for…THE BIG CLEAROUT.


Now I love the festive season, but when the New Year descends it’s all gotta go. The tree. The wreath. Baubles. Tinsel. Lights. Back up to the attic for another year.


And it doesn’t stop there. I tear through the entire house like a whirling dervish, chucking out anything that we no longer need. Stuff including:


  • miniature playing cards & travel nail clippers (from Christmas crackers)
  • ill-advised sale purchases (that purple sequin number was half-price, ok?!)
  • keys without locks and locks without keys
  • a replica Saxon village made out of matchsticks for a school project
  • brackets belonging to IKEA Billy bookcases that we got rid of 10 years ago
  • anything that’s been lodged behind radiators gathering dust (like our house’s former owner’s crispy underwear. Ewww.)


By the end of the day, three groaning black sacks marked ‘CHARITY’, ‘RECYCLING’ and ‘DUMP’ sit heavily in our hallway like bloated Christmas puddings.


And calm order descends on our house. Cupboards no longer spew their guts when opened. Everything is found in an instant. And it feels great.


Does Your Marketing Need A Big Clearout?

Lots of business owners use January as a time to plan, which is a great way to start the year. But you also need to make room for the new. To give your plan as good a chance as possible to work.


Because I bet there’s a whole load of rubbish hanging around in your marketing. Half-finished projects that are starting to smell worse than fermented bin juice. You know, things like:


  • the blog that you wrote religiously for 3 months in 2017 and then never touched again
  • the Twitter feed that’s gone hungry for weeks
  • the email campaign that died a slow, painful death


Ugh. No-one wants to start the year surrounded by failure. And that’s why you need A Big Clearout.


I want you to use this golden window at the beginning of the year to write a list of all your ongoing marketing activities. Now divide them into 3 categories:


DITCH – these are the activities that, if you’re honest, don’t bring enough value to your business, or they’re too expensive/time-consuming. Get rid.

DELAY – these are the good ideas that you may not have the time/money to tackle right now but will revisit later in the year.

DO – these are strong, affordable marketing strategies. They will directly help you to win more business this year and they deserve your full time and attention. Carve out the time and the budget to make them happen.


Afterwards you’ll feel more focused, more positive and much calmer. You may even feel a few pounds lighter, without having to go near a 30 Day Holistic Matcha Tea Detox Juice Cleanse. And that’s a great way to start the year.

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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