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Are You Missing This Simple Marketing Trick?

22nd May, 2017

Are You Missing This Simple Marketing Trick?

What was that noise?


A car alarm?


A siren?


No, it was more unusual than that.


What the hell was it?


As I lay awake at 6am in my hotel room, I tried to figure out what on earth was making these unbelievably weird wailing noises.


And when I checked out later that morning, I asked the receptionist what had been going on.


‘Ah…,’ she said, looking embarrassed. ‘I’m really sorry. It’s the, er, monkeys.


Of course! The hotel was situated slap bang next to a zoo. I’d arrived late at night so had barely registered the


fact.But instead of making the most of this amazing wake-up call, the hotel had tried to brush it under the carpet.


And they were missing a HUGE opportunity.


What they had clearly decided was a negative could have been an amazing USP for the hotel.


It’s proximity to the zoo should have been a key draw for their customers.


The early morning ‘rainforest wake up call’ could have been a unique quirk that they marketed.


Hell, they could have gone the whole hog with a simean-themed restaurant, complete with Little Monkeys Kids Menu and Chocolate Chimp cookies. (Sorry. I never could resist a dad pun).


And it got me wondering: are you missing a marketing trick?


Are you trying to brush something under the carpet that could be a huge opportunity for your business?


Perhaps you’re:


  • trying to hide the services that you don’t offer – when you could be positioning your business as a niche specialist


  • worrying about not having grand offices – when in reality you’re passing cost savings on to your clients


  • nervous about your relative lack of experience – when you could be promoting your fresh, new approach


So next time you’re fretting about a negative, try turning it on its head to find a more positive take. You might just uncover a brand new reason for your clients to choose your business over the rest.

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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