Is Your Business Trying To Power Dress?

12th April, 2017

Is Your Business Trying To Power Dress?

Itchy polyester suit with ginormous shoulder pads.


One-size-too-big ‘sensible’ shoes borrowed from my mum.


Let’s just say my first day of work experience as a gawky 16 year old didn’t start well.


I walked through the doors of a PR agency ‘POWERHOUSE’ (yes, that was its real name – gotta love the early nineties…) feeling about as comfortable as my cat on the way to the vet.


I didn’t say more than two words to anyone that day. And no-one seemed to pay me any attention.


So day two I ditched the pinstripes and the hairspray and wore the clothes I felt comfortable in.


And guess what?


I started to come out of my shell and people began to warm to me.


It was a great lesson that stayed with me – there’s no need to be a corporate robot.


There’s no need to airbrush out all your personality to be ‘professional’.


It’s ok to show a bit of ‘you’.


Is Your Business Trying To Power Dress?


Do you get all stiff and formal when you talk about your business?


Do you write stuff like “Please find attached the requested documents for your perusal” and “Please review at your earliest convenience.”


Well, STOP. You don’t sound super professional. You sound boring and robotic. Like the kind of person who talks about insurance premiums at cocktail parties.




It’s ok to to write “Here’s the proposal we chatted about” or “Take a look – it’d be great to hear your thoughts”.


Doesn’t that feel warmer? More genuine? More personal?


Just remember this simple rule: If you wouldn’t say it, don’t write it.


Think personality, not pinstripe.


Ditch your corporate robot routine and loosen up a little.


You’ll be surprised how fast people will warm to your business if you do.

University of Cambridge