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Why Your Marketing Is Like Bad Netflix

28th March, 2017

Why Your Marketing Is Like Bad Netflix

So, I’ve got a confession to make.


Deep breath.


Last night….I…..I….


….watched the whole of Iron Man 3.


Yes, that desperate dragging-out-of-a-waning-franchise.


That poor excuse for a movie.


That 2.5 hours of my life I’ll never get back.


After the first 10 minutes I knew it was a turkey, but I didn’t switch channels or go and do something different.




Because my sofa was just too comfy.  Because I was feeling laaaazy.  Because I kept hoping it would get better (whilst deep down knowing it wouldn’t).


And later I was kicking myself for those wasted hours.


It made me think of some of the businesses I meet.


Businesses whose marketing is stuck in a rut.
It’s comfortable and familiar.
But essentially a waste of time.


Is Your Marketing Like Bad Netflix?  Is It Just Too Lazy To Move?


Are you: 


  • telling yourself that it will get better (when you secretly worry it won’t)?


  • hoping for different results yet doing the same stale old marketing over and over?


  • sticking with what you know because trying something new feels too scary and expensive?


Well, you can be sure of this.


Sticking with your lazy marketing won’t bring you the results you need.


But how do you stop being lazy and reenergise?


First chuck out any old, tired or stale activities TODAY.


You know those… 


  • repeat award/conference sponsorships that cost LOADS but don’t bring in any new business. (You think you HAVE to be there. You don’t.)


  • formal corporate brochures that send your prospects to sleep (if they have pictures of people shaking hands, then I insist you burn them)


  • nasty stress balls that are so 1998 (I don’t care if your logo is on it.  And don’t you dare give them to your kids for their birthday like one cheap CEO I once worked with.  Yes, really…)


And then have a think about what you could do differently instead.


It doesn’t have to be the marketing equivalent of a turgid French film noire with subtitles, Gauloises and moody pauses….


Start with the small, the quick and the easy to revitalise your marketing.  It could be as simple as:


  • a facelift for your newsletter
  • a smart and funny blog for your website
  • a quick survey of your top 10 clients


Just get off the sofa and make it better than Iron Man 3.  It won’t be that hard!


University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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