Why we should ban ‘grofitable’ and other horrors

25th October, 2016

Why we should ban ‘grofitable’ and other horrors

The other day whilst trawling through LinkedIn I came across the word ‘grofitable’.  The bastard lovechild of ‘growth’ and ‘profitable’, it made my eyes bleed and my teeth grate.

I can only imagine that this kind of pseudo business jargon is founded in laziness.  After all, it’s hard to make complex things sound simple and infinitely easier to spew lingo that we think makes us sound clever.  The B2B world is especially at fault, relying on ‘synergised solutions’ and the like to describe offerings that are often difficult to put into simple words.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, if only because it’s a surefire way to differentiate yourself and win business.

The B2B world is not the only culprit.  The medical profession is also often to blame for using technical language with laypeople.  On the odd occasion you do meet a doctor who can explain your condition in clear, accessible language, it’s immediately reassuring.  The B2B world is no different – people respond to genuine, straightforward communication.

So choose your words carefully.  If you are clear and genuine, you won’t need any new words.  Just give the ones you already have a new lease of life.

University of Cambridge