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 What. A. Year.

It’s tough running a business at the best of times but THIS year? 2020 is a whole other level of hard! It’s poked holes in your plans, rattled your self confidence and frankly, you’re not sure what to do to get your business (and YOU) rolling again.

Reinvigorate your marketing and boost your business with The Sizzling Summer Mastermind!

With my exclusive 6-week programme you can personally work with me and a group of hand-picked awesome individuals to turn up the heat on your marketing and win more business.

My clients say things like:

‘So many things are falling into place for me now!’

‘I love all your practical tips I can use straight away’

‘You make everything so clear’

Why do you need The Sizzling Summer Mastermind Programme?

You might have had clients postpone or cancel work. You might have lost whole revenue streams. Maybe you’ve had to put your business on hold to look after family members.

You’re probably feeling pretty beat up and exhausted right now.

 And this summer’s looking different too isn’t it? We’re talking staycation not dream destination, more back garden than tropical paradise.

But I have good news. We can still have a good time. Hell, a great time! And you can position your business as one that can profit and prosper even during strange times. In fact, this summer is the perfect time to crank up your marketing to hot hot hot (SPF 50 required).

We can reenergise you AND your marketing.  Use this summer as a positive and super-powered growth period for your business.  Are you ready?



“Your tips came at exactly the right time to help me move something forward in my selling approach, and meant I actually got a new client over the line.”

“Practical ideas and tips are Kim’s trademark!”

 “By yesterday evening I had had two meetings and have two new partners onboard – so a big thank you because without your proactive nudging I wouldn’t have done that!”  

“Love Kim’s practical insights that lead to real actions!”

You need to be part of a mastermind that can:

  • give you practical step-by-step advice on how to ramp up your marketing
  • help you reinvigorate your lead generation to shake out juicy new clients
  • keep you accountable so you actually DO stuff (not just talk about it)
  • share honest and constructive feedback and ideas
  • give you the energy boost you need right now

You’ll feel:

  • motivated – energy is my middle name
  • supported – by an awesomely engaged and fun group
  • refreshed – better than a luxury spa break
  • relieved – to know that you’re all geared up for September
  • excited – to see all the new opportunities you’ve uncovered

Do you say things like this?

‘I know I need to do more marketing but I just don’t get around to doing it’

‘It’s so hard doing everything on my own’

‘I’m just feeling a bit ‘blah’ about my business right now’

I hear these things from business owners just like you all the time. I know how hard it can be right now.

So, let me help. With the Mastermind, we’ll make the most of all the hard work you’ve put into your business.

We’ll shape up your marketing this summer so that you hit September fighting fit, instead of limping over the line.

Come the autumn you’ll be on top of your marketing, attracting new prospects and feeling fantastic!


It’s a 6 week programme

  • Starting on Monday 29th June


We meet on Zoom each week

  • We have weekly 1-hour group calls on Monday mornings to set goals for the week and share ideas, strategies and feedback. Each Friday we share the week’s progress and wins online to keep you accountable and uplifted (celebratory photos with cocktails/mocktails encouraged!)

You receive booster emails from me

  • Every weekday you receive my tips to give you a dose of daily sunshine in your inbox!


Who will be on the programme?

  • Me, and a small hand-picked group of friendly, motivated coaches and entrepreneurs. The atmosphere will be fun, full of collective support.



You dig down into what’s changed in your business over the few months. We explore how and if you need to pivot your offerings and/or your market, and where the golden nuggets of opportunity might be for you over the coming weeks and months.


You learn some of the stress-free steps to kick start your lead generation, focusing on opportunities right under your nose. We discuss the best ways to reach out and reinvigorate relationships, as well as having more constructive conversations that lead to hot new business.


You take part in a group challenge (no pressure, just a lot of fun) to connect with your network in lots of fun and different ways. Introverted/extroverted – you don’t have to network the same way as everyone else.


You get to know the secrets behind  referrals and how you can easily attract more with a simple, proactive strategy (instead of sitting back, crossing your fingers and hoping they come to you – yes, I see you!)


Scared of producing content? Don’t know where to begin? I take the fear factor out of content so you’ll soon produce a standout marketing piece (a blog, video, newsletter, social media post etc.) that connects brilliantly with your clients – the start of many to come.


I’ll show you the nooks and crannies to explore to uncover new leads – you’ll be surprised where they come from! And you’ll learn how to become more consistent and disciplined about your lead generation (you’ll love this bit).

What’s your investment to join my mastermind?


You pay an initial deposit of £150 + VAT after your application is accepted to secure your spot on the Mastermind.

You then pay the full balance 2 weeks before the Mastermind begins.

There are no refunds. I want you to be as serious about your investment and the work you’ll put in to the programme as I am about helping you succeed.


EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: When addressing financial matters in any of our websites, videos, newsletters, programmes or other content, we’ve taken every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our programmes and their ability to grow your business. However, KNA Communications does not guarantee that you will get any results or earn any money using any of our ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations, and nothing on our Sites is a promise or guarantee to you of future earnings. YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT YOUR USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE PROGRAMME AT YOUR SOLE RISK. By purchasing The Sizzling Summer Marketing Mastermind, you accept, agree and understand that you are fully responsible for your progress and results from your participation and that we offer no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding your earnings, business profit, marketing performance, audience growth or results of any kind. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business which are dependent on personal factors including, but not necessarily limited to, your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network and financial situation, to name just a few. You also understand that any testimonials or endorsements by our customers or audience represented on our programmes, websites, content, landing pages, sales pages or offering have not been scientifically evaluated by us and the results experienced by individuals may vary significantly. Any statements outlined on our websites, programmes, content and offerings are simply our opinion and thus are not guarantees or promises of actual performance. We offer no professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice. © Copyright 2020 Kim Arnold.

- Next trainer development cohort September 12th - 15th

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