Sales and Marketing Consulting Programmes

1. The Platinum Sales and Marketing Breakthrough

We used to get lost in the hundreds of marketing options out there. Now our marketing’s an oasis of calm organisation! Kim’s helped us plan, prioritise and resource our marketing properly so that we’re crystal clear on exactly what we need to do to win more business – and it’s paying off already! She has a sharp business mind and is great fun to work with – if you want to grow your business faster and get in front of more clients quickly then Kim’s the smart choice.”

– Donna Sewell, CEO, Legal Edge, London

You don’t need to hate your sales and marketing any longer.  This fully-loaded programme with extra hot sauce gets you back in control of your brand, your sales and marketing, your communications and your resourcing so you can win those clients and beat the competition.  And all with a big smile on your face.

2. The Emergency SOS Resuscitator

Kim’s a rare find. She’s a talented strategist, a skilled communicator and a hive of creativity… She’s helped to create a powerful and unique brand for our business that our clients love. She’s designed marketing strategies that make a difference to our bottom line. And she’s helped us all communicate more consistently, interestingly and effectively. We love working with her.”

– Jonathan Brenner, Co-Founder at LOD (Lawyers On Demand), London

If you’ve been doing the same old sales and marketing for years with the same old ‘D- see me after school’ results, you urgently need this kiss of life.  I’ll give you a full audit of all your activities, so you and your sales and marketing can become instantly re-energised and winning more business.


3. The Ugly Duckling Brand Blitz

Kim’s got a knack of getting under the skin of a brand. She’s an inspired and creative writer, brilliant at storytelling and creating a distinctive tone of voice. She’s also energetic, pragmatic and fun to work with!”

– Olcar Walsh, MD of design agency Wildhorse, London

Is the copy on your website staler than a week-old donut (and less appetising)?  Still have the logo your friend’s teenage son did 5 years ago?  Still struggle to describe what you do and why you’re different?   Get a box-fresh, shiny new brand that truly reflects your brilliant business and has your customers at ‘hello’ and leaves them reluctant to say goodbye!


4.  The Flexi-CMO

Need to fill in the those gaping holes in your marketing expertise but can’t afford a permanent CMO to help?  Does your business rely on one poor junior marketer who urgently needs support and guidance?  Get a smart, experienced sounding-board to guide you, without any of the overheads.

Specialist Projects

Kim isn’t your average consultant. She has an instinctive feel for how to guide a growing business to maturity. She gives thoughtful and on-point advice and is also a great colleague to work alongside.”

– Simon Harper, Co-Founder, LOD (Lawyers On Demand) London

When you’ve got THAT great hulk of a project that’s driving you nuts and eating up all your time, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

It might be the long overdue shake-up of the way your business communicates with your clients. It could be a finely tuned strategy for launching services in new markets. It might be a brand refresh to help brush off your new competition. I’ll tame the monster and get you results.

Speaking & Workshops

“We’re all feeling inspired after our workshop today. You made us think about our business in a whole new way! It’ll help us scale the business much faster and will be a rock-solid base for all our marketing and communications. Thank you!”

– Helen Disney, Founder, Unblocked Events, London

1. Keynote speaking

Are your away days less exciting than your tax returns? My 60 minute presentations put a double shot of energy back into your meetings. Topics include:

  • ‘Are You A RoboCorp? Why Your Corporate Robot Routine Is LOSING You Business’
  • ‘Don’t Make Them Jump: How To Make It EASY For Your Clients To Buy From You’
  • ‘Why Your Emails Suck: How Better Words Win (and Keep) More Clients’

Your team will come away inspired and full of great new ideas they can easily and quickly apply.


2. Marketing Masterclass, A.K.A. The ‘Why Didn’t We Do This 2 Years Ago?’

My 3-hour, supercharged marketing workshop helps you get clarity on ALL of your marketing, once and for all.   You’ll find out what to stop, start and shelve to keep several steps ahead of any competition and win more business this year (and love doing it!).  And yes, you’ll wish you’d done it years ago.


3. Communication Masterclass: How To Inspire People To Do Want You Want

“Thank you very much for yesterday.  Very useful and thought-provoking with lots of ideas buzzing around and great feedback from the team.” 

– Heidi Roberts, COO, FSP Retail, London

This 3-hour workshop will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to communicate with impact and inspire action.  You’ll understand the psychology of persuasion and influence and learn how to understand your audience better.  Lose your ‘corporate robot’ routine and discover a warmer, more effective way of communicating with those you need to influence.


4. Writing Masterclass: ‘Help! My Client’s Just Slipped Into A Coma On Page 1 Of My Proposal’

These half-day workshops will get your team writing about your business in a way that makes clients sit up and listen (instead of hitting snooze).  You’ll learn how to write smart, and engaging emails that people actually LIKE and respond to as well as sales and marketing materials that grab attention and don’t let go.  It’s time to step up your game.