Shoestring Marketing Video Tutorial: Create Your Perfect Plan and Win More Business (Without Breaking The Bank)


Do you:

  • start with oh-so-good intentions (but uh-oh neglect your marketing after just a few weeks)?
  • feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting together a marketing plan?
  • worry you don’t know which activities will work (and which are a big fat waste of time)?
  • have grand ideas but oh-so-small pockets?



Most small businesses should NOT be spending a fortune on marketing.  And neither should you.  Amazing things can be done with very small pockets.  You just need to know HOW.

In this tip-packed 1 hour video tutorial I share my secrets on how to:

  • uncover the special ingredients that make up a great (and a terrible) plan
  • build a smart, effective, practical plan that you’ll ACTUALLY stick to
  • make even the tiniest of marketing budgets win you more business
  • get the business results you need
  • have FUN doing it!


a FREE marketing plan template

(complete it after the tutorial or pause the video and fill in as you go along – it’s up to you.  Either way you’re going to have a kick-ass plan in no time at all)


heaps of my unconventional must-have tips, including:

  • why the Rule of 3 can transform your marketing from overwhelming headache to oh-my-gosh-it’s-actually-working
  • how to make free your friend
  • why you should avoid ‘cocktail umbrella marketing’
  • how to create ‘mini party moments’ to make your marketing marvellous! (I know you love a party as much as me)


don’t waste another minute or penny fretting over your marketing and not getting the results you need.

Nab your tutorial now and create your perfect plan that you’ll enjoy putting together and love rolling out – and you’ll love the results even more!

Buy now!