Sick of seeing other people get all the glory? The promotions.
The clients. The money.

But, unlike you, they’re not hiding behind their computer hoping someone will pull them into the spotlight (like a teenager in the front row of a Justin Bieber concert).

It’s true, personal branding is hard! 

We worry what people think of us.  We don’t want to show off like those humble braggers on LinkedIn: ‘I’m so blessed to own a private jet.’ Ugh. 

But you know that getting out there and being clear about what you offer will bring great things.  You can win more business. Get promoted. Speak to new audiences.  Be yourself and get paid for it!



Many of our colleagues were keen to understand how they could promote their brand online and establish their market profile, but didn’t know where to start.

Kim helped us produce a great set of guides to show our people how to articulate their value and promote themselves authentically, getting them from social media novices to confident and competent users.




Perfect for away days, conferences and events, my supercharged masterclasses leave audiences inspired, energised and raring to raise their own profile and personal branding.

Topics include:

  • How to sell yourself without selling your soul
  • Content that converts
  • Write to get noticed  
  • How to work your network
  • Showing up without showing off


I coach individuals and small groups to help get them over their fear of self-promotion and get out there with confidence instead.

Areas we cover include:

  • How to be more successful by being yourself
  • Key messages: be clear on what you want to be known for
  • Self-promotion without feeling like a show off
  • Easier internal and external networking (no more ick factor)
  • Social media that sells
  • How to be more visible from the comfort of your desk


I help organisations design and roll out personal branding toolkits and programmes, so their employees can be more visible and win more business.

Previous projects have included guides to:

  • selling with social media
  • working your network
  • content that converts

I work with businesses across a range of industries to help their teams boost their personal brand, without feeling cheesy. I show individuals and teams how to:

  • craft key messages that stick
  • write a killer LinkedIn profile and biography
  • be successful on social media without draining all your time
  • produce content that gets you and your profile noticed
  • build an internal network to give you a leg up
  • make the most of your network (without the fear factor)
  • become a PR darling and a brilliant speaker
  • bring in more business


Get in touch to discuss how I can help your team be more confident and build their profile!

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