The Secret to LinkedIn Messages That Get a Reply

2nd July, 2021

The Secret to LinkedIn Messages That Get a Reply

How do you feel when this message lands in your inbox:


‘I’d like to add you to my professional network’


Are you as excited as a Labradoodle puppy seeing snow for the first time?


Thought not.


Let’s face it, this standard LinkedIn blah blah isn’t going to make anyone shout ‘Ooh I gotta have me some of that!’


It might be ok when you’ve just met someone and you already have some kind of relationship.


But when you’re trying to connect with someone you don’t know well or you need to build a relationship…well we can do better.


I talked with ‘Mr LinkedIn’ himself, Mark Williams, all about LinkedIn messaging on his podcast, LinkedInformed.


We covered:


  • Why ‘How are you doing?’ is a rubbish question if you want a reply
  • How to engage cold contacts via direct message without being pushy/a creepy stalker
  • Voice messages vs. written messages – the big showdown!
  • How you can apply the email tips in my book Email Attraction to InMails and DMs
  • Why you need to reply straight away to connections when you first connect (v useful algorithm info)


And lots more juicy stuff.


If you prefer the written word, read a write up of the podcast here.


If you’re more of a listener, catch the full podcast here.


If you’re a LinkedIn super nerd (I salute you), do both.

University of Cambridge


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