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All Time Low

1st March, 2021

All Time Low

I have limits, you know.


And they come in the form of Channel 5’s ‘Celebrity Snoop Dogs’.


As terrible as it sounds, it features cameras strapped to pets running around the houses of D-list celebs and you have to guess who lives there.


Like Through the Keyhole, but with everything filmed from the perspective of a miniature dachshund called Rambo. (There were a lot of shots of skirting board…)


It was a TV lockdown low.


No emotion. No connection. Not even a so-bad-it’s-good vibe.




Why am I sharing my guilty viewing (dis)pleasure with you?


Well it got me thinking about how badly we crave connection right now.


Hugs. Laughter. Family. Friends. In real life. With good food and wine.


Music. Dancing. Fun.


And yet…for now we have to rely on the digital world to deliver these connections. And it’s hard – really hard – to create connections virtually.


Zoom might be the posterchild of the pandemic, but email’s been the unsung hero for me. Patiently plodding along, not asking us to tidy our spare room in the background or put lipstick on for the camera.


And if you use it right, email is a great way to build relationships.


CNBC interviewed me recently about my upcoming book Email Attraction and we talked about how you create connections via your inbox. And lots of other juicy stuff.


Take a look here (and I’d love it if you could share it on social media too – just hit the social buttons at the top of the article).

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- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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