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Stop Defaulting To Email For Everything

3rd July, 2020

Stop Defaulting To Email For Everything

I see this All. The Time. In fact, I had this email last week from one of my newsletter readers, Andrew:


‘I’ve sent out two emails recently and had no replies ☹ !!!!!
Both have been sales that seemed closed, signed sealed and delivered!!!’


(cross face and frustrated exclamation marks Andrew’s own)


I replied:


‘Don’t panic – give them a call! Best way to get to the bottom of things.’


And just 16 minutes later I receive Andrew’s reply:


‘There we are – first call and appointment booked in!’


OMG. In just one phone call Andrew had secured a client that might have taken weeks to nail down over email.


Now you know I love email (I’m writing a whole book on it), but we shouldn’t always default to it. Especially if things have gone a bit quiet.


Picking up the phone can save hours of chasing, stewing and fearing the worst – whether you need to reach a colleague, client or boss.


A phone call cuts right to the chase, so you can find out if the radio silence was just a result of a busy schedule or whether there was something else at play.


On the phone, you can get to the root of any problems by asking direct questions like:


  • ‘Do you see any reason why we shouldn’t go ahead?
  • ‘Is there anyone else who needs to sign off this process?’
  • ‘Has your situation changed since we last talked?’
  • ‘Is there anything else I should know?’
  • ‘Is there any more information you need from me to be able to make decision?’
  • ‘Do you have any worries or concerns about next steps?’


So this week, I challenge you to phone 3 people who haven’t answered your emails. I bet you see some amazing progress, just like Andrew.

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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