Spent Too Much of Your Day Wrestling With Words? Read this

12th February, 2020

Spent Too Much of Your Day Wrestling With Words? Read this

I remember a couple of years ago reading about this man who had finally passed his driving test after 33 attempts and 25 years.


Credit to him for persistence but I’m not sure I’d get in a car with him, would you?!


His whopping 85 driving lessons were all worth it in the end.


It feels amazing to master the things that matter to us the most, doesn’t it?


At home we pore over recipe books to perfect our Thai green curry.  We go to yoga lessons to nail our Nadi Shodhana.  We scour YouTube for videos about how to get a six pack without leaving our sofa (just me? Oh.)


And at work we’re pretty diligent too, honing our presentation techniques, sales skills or subject matter expertise.


And yet…


We rarely practise or perfect the one thing that we do day in, day out.


The one thing that we spend years of our lives on.


What’s that?


Writing, of course.


We are likely to spend a whopping 5 years of our life on email alone.  


That’s a lot, right?  More than we’ll spend holidaying (around 3 years), eating (around 4.5 years) or exercising (around 1 year).


And that’s not to mention Tweets, blogs, posts, articles, presentations, proposals, reports, apology cards for forgotten anniversaries (Just me again? Damn!) and the gazillion other things we have to write every single day.


Being a brilliant writer is a secret weapon in our frenetic working environment.  


After all, that’s how we do the majority of our communication these days.  And mastering it really matters.


If you can persuade, influence and inspire with your words you are at a huge advantage.  If you can cut through all the noise to get your message heard you can move mountains.


Wonderful writing can win clients, promotions, hearts and minds. 


(I should know – I once secured a client contract worth £250,000 over 4 years with a well-written paragraph.)


Convinced?  Here’s a kick-starter for mastering your writing that won’t take 33 attempts or 25 years. Straight away with this quick read: The Simple Sentence To Remember When You Write Anything At All.


Go on, get going!

University of Cambridge


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