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Stop Keeping Your Content For Best

6th January, 2020

Stop Keeping Your Content For Best

So, last week it was time for the annual clearout in the Arnold household – a day when my husband and kids run for cover in case they’re forced into a black sack marked ‘Charity’ .


I Marie-Kondoed every cupboard and attacked the attic so that not a single item of clutter remained.




But I did have to throw out some clothes that I’d been keeping ‘for best’. Pristine clothes neatly hung in their dry-cleaning plastic for years, worn just once, but now riddled with moth holes.




Do you ever do that? Keep stuff for best (and it never sees the light of day)?


It’s a waste, isn’t it?


With clothes AND with your online content.


Don’t save it for best. Don’t just post your blog, video or white paper once on LinkedIn and assume everyone’s seen it so you’re done for the next month.


You’ve probably spent a whole load of time and effort on it, so don’t keep it stashed away, a one-hit wonder.


Bring your content out as often as possible in lots of different ways.


You can:


  • post it several times across different platforms (think LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • use it in a newsletter
  • send it directly to key clients via email or LinkedIn message
  • cut it up into smaller social media posts with different images for variety
  • submit it as a guest blog for someone else’s publication
  • pitch it to a journalist as a contributed article


The list goes on.


So, don’t run the risk of YOUR precious content being mothballed – get as much wear out of it as you can, while you can!

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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