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Avoid This Summer Sales Myth

21st June, 2019

Avoid This Summer Sales Myth

I’ve just booked my summer holiday and boy, does it feel good! Apparently, we get as much enjoyment from the anticipation of a holiday as from the trip itself.


I can believe it.


When I close my eyes at night I’m already imagining that midday Mojito and the snooze-magnet sunlounger with the beach towels I don’t have to wash.


Bring. It. On.


But, I won’t be lounging about all summer. I’ll be keeping my sales and marketing ticking over nicely because I know that not everything stops over the summer.


Most people, however, are convinced that July and August are dead zones.


They tell me all the time, ‘No sales really get done over the summer anyway, do they?’


In my experience, that’s just not true.


In fact, the opposite is.


It’s actually a well-kept secret that an awful lot of business can, and does, get done in the warmer months. And you’re missing a trick if YOU assume there are no sales opportunities over the summer.


July and August are in fact ripe months for sales.


This is because:


  1. Very few people, especially not business owners, can afford to take the whole summer off (can you?!). They may not be working at the same pace, but they are still working and accepting meetings. So continue to reach out to clients and prospects as you would at any other time of the year – you might just have to be a bit more persistent and flexible with your scheduling.

  3. Clients are often in a more open-minded state in the summer and are therefore EASIER to sell to! They’ve had time and headspace to reflect on bigger or longer-term goals. To get their head out of the day-to-day grind. And they’re often planning for the rest of the year, so they can be much more open to your product or service and how it might help them.

  5. No-one else is selling! You’re more likely to have an open field in the summer so you can really shine. Take advantage of your competitors’ absence and get in there first with your clients.
    So don’t get sucked in by this senseless summertime myth and keep your sales and marketing going in July and August as much as you possibly can – really, every little helps.


You’ll be so glad when September comes round and you’ve got some juicy clients and prospects all lined up. You can thank me then. (Happy to take payments in rosé and suntan lotion…)

University of Cambridge


- Next trainer development cohort 10th - 14th June 2024

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